Embroidered Patchs

Customized embroidered patches manufactured and designed by Artex Group in your firm or organization. Mouse Custom Made Patches in 2″ diameter. Trend Closed Custom Patches in 3″ diameter. Green Grass Customized Embroidered Patches in 1.7″ Diameter. Sick Sar World Customized Embroidered Patches in 2.5 inch diameter.50% Embroidery. Hat Customized Embroidered Patches consists of black and pink, with 50% Embroidery.

Humorous Embroidered Patches with laser minimize border and iron on backing. I Consider In Angel Embroidered Patches in three.7 inch diameter. Tremendous Mario Customized Embroidered Patches in 2.eight” diameter, with 100% Coverage. Sydney Customized Patche No Minimal with 100% coverage. US Dollar Customized Cheap Patches in 3.1 inch 100% Embroidery.

With 75% Custom Patches. Moto Customized Patches Online with laser lower border and iron on backing. Name Customized Patch Maker No Minimal in 2.3″ 50% Customized Patches. Black Energy Card Customized Patches may be very cool, with 50% Embroidery. Donald Duck Custom Made Patches show totally different duck for you.%image_alt%

Heat Coronary heart Custom Made Patches is suitable to show love, with one hundred% Embroidery. Dragonfly Customized Made Patches in 1″ diameter, with one hundred% Protection. Michael Jackson Custom Identify Patches in 4 inch tall. Skateboarding Rabbit Embroidered Patches is very cute, wth a hundred% Embroidery. Like a Taco custom patches in 2.5” diameter.

Canada Goose Custom Patches in 2.forty five” diameter, with 75% protection. Rocky Custom Made Patches with 4 inch tall by 3 inch width. Fowl Custom Patches No Minimum in four” 100 custom patches% Protection. Brown Bear Customized Patches reveals shy expression, with one hundred% Embroidery. Friend Custom Made Patches could be very cute, with a hundred% embroidery.

Fickle Cat Customized Made Patches is half dark and half white with plastic backing. Social Custom Made Patches in 3” diameter, with 50% protection. Snail Embroidered Patches with laser reduce border and iron on backing. Colourful Ice Cream Embroidered Patches in 1.eight” 100% Protection. Transfer Custom Patches No Minimum in 2″ diameter.

Monkey Embroidered Patches width is 1.9 inches,height is 1.eight inch. Umbrella Customized Patches No Minimum with 100% embroidered patches. 76 Customized Made Patches in 2.5″ diameter. Finger Cigarette Customized Low-cost Patches with a hundred% embroiderey. Trumpet Flower Embroidered Patches appears to be like very stunning, with 100% Embroidery.

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