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Saturday April 25th 2015

How will the BP oil leak affect oil and gas prices | Stocks for …

 How will the BP oil leak affect oil and gas prices | Stocks for ...

How  will the  oil leak affect BP stock with its  effect.  Will the BP oil leak affect gas prices, oil prices?  What effect will the oil leak have on BP stocks prices, oil prices  and gas prices in trading. What does  the BP oil spill mean to oil stocks and  gas stocks prices in the markets.

BP PLC and other oil producers have been forced to close almost all its production in the region of Alaska’s North Slope, after a leak forced the closure of the pipeline Trans Alaska Pipeline.Analysts said that disruption of the pipeline, 800 miles long, could increase oil prices unless resume soon, since the region represents an important part of oil production in the United States. Some analysts said the suspension could contribute to a rise in oil prices toward $ 100 a barrel, compared to the current level of less than U.S. $ 90.So the question becomes  will the  oil leak affect gas prices oil prices and  BP stocks.

Alyeska Pipeline Service Co., which operates the pipeline, said the spill had no apparent effect on the environment. Has been spilled about 10 barrels of oil and most of it has been cleaned, said Alyeska. Wil oil and  gas  prices go higher because of the BP oil spill.

The closure, however, is a “major event,” said BP spokesman Steve Rinehart. BP and other oil companies operating in the region, including Conoco Phillips, have periodically been forced to close production outages or the strong winds that disrupted the shipment of crude oil in the port of Valdez, he said. This  latest news  has  stocks  for  dummies traders  a little  worried  about the affect on BP stock.

BP said it was too early to talk about the impact it has had the closure of the pipeline in the first quarter results the company and  the  affect on BP stock.The total North Slope production reaches 630,000 barrels per day, about 9% of total U.S. production. We will have  to keep an eye on prices  to see how  the BP oil spill will affect oil and  gas  prices in the near future.

How will the BP oil leak affect oil and gas prices | Stocks for …

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